Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Perfect Reasons Why You Should Choose Sunscreen Blinds

sunscreen roller blinds
Many consider blinds to be a better option than curtains, what with the ease of their operation, but who could have thought blinds could still get better? When before it was only blinds versus curtains, now there are many choices available as to which type of blinds one would like to have. Just as we protect our skin from the UV rays using sunscreen, we can also do the same with our homes or offices, furniture and decor by using sunscreen blinds.

What are they?

Sunscreen roller blinds are created with a special open weave type of fabric that allows enough light to illuminate your interiors, at the same time keeping out excess heat. There are different types of fabrics one can choose from where privacy is concerned. Otherwise, you can flaunt your interiors with a sheerer kind of fabric. You may also use double roller blinds – the outer layer is made of an opaque material for when you want your privacy, and the inner layer is your sunscreen blind. They operate like normal roller blinds – electrically with a remote control or manually.

For electrically operated types, you can choose between a portable remote control, or one that you can mount on the wall. If your home or office has windows that are beyond normal reach, then electrically operated sunscreen blinds are a very good option for you.

roller blindsDuring the summer months, you can keep some savings from your electricity bills when you use sunscreen blinds, since you will not need to turn up your air conditioning as your blinds have already reduced the temperature inside your house. Most sunscreen blinds can keep out at least 90% UV light while still keeping your interiors adequately lit by natural light. Also, with sunscreen blinds you can keep out the heat while keeping a wonderful view of the outside.

Glare is also one problem you can solve with sunscreen blinds; it makes viewing your laptop or TV screen
easier. Also, damage to furniture, carpets and other decor caused by heat can be significantly reduced. Apart from these benefits, sunscreen blinds can be highly attractive, giving your home a contemporary and elegant look and feel to it. Not only are there different types of fabrics, they come in colors that you can choose from to suit your interiors. Overall, sunscreen blinds provide the best benefits for comfort, ease and design for your residence or commercial spaces.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How To Reinvent Your Room Using Roller Blinds

Roller BlindsMany of us prefer to make household windows more inviting for guests who visit our homes. Roller blinds can make your rooms look completely new compared to conventional curtains. These blinds make our everyday work easy too so they don’t give you great hassle. There are many possibilities in making your rooms presentable using roller blinds and all you have to do is ask for some professional advices from companies that are experts about blinds.

Before, home owners depend on low cost materials to beautify their rooms and windows. That’s why demands came up for manufacturers to use materials that can satisfy the needs of consumers and at the same time, make their rooms more appealing and comfortable. That’s when blinds were produced and its usefulness has proven to be way beyond the ordinary home curtains. Roller blinds, like Venetian blinds, prevent massive heat or sunlight from entering your interiors. This makes everyone inside your home comfortable and relaxed.

There is also a wide collection and variety of shades and blinds to choose from. Cellular roller blinds are made from fabric and are considered by some as the finest quality of Shades to block heat from the outside. It can even be used as an insulator covering your windows and are also very effective in blocking noise. One can choose the single, double and triple honeycomb and they are available in different colors and styles. They can also be manipulated manually or remote controlled.

Venetian BlindsOn the other hand, cordless roller blinds are also popular because of their functionality and the many benefits they can provide. If you have children or pets, you do not have to worry if they play inside the house. And for aesthetic purposes, you can pull them up or down, depending on your mood and you can choose the design that best suits your style. Other Roman blinds are also made from fabric which you can fold or let loose. They can also be used to protect your furniture from the heat of the sun and using them gives you privacy and comfort inside your home and offices. Many home owners find roller blinds functional as they can be operated from top to bottom and be opened the other way around. Choosing these type of blinds will not only protect you from sunlight and provide you privacy, they can also help you reinvent your rooms.